About ReflectionBio®

About ReflectionBio®

Recent News

Rare Disease Patient CEO Joins “Orphan Drug Development Guidebook” Task Force

Patient-driven gene therapy company ReflectionBio® receives Orphan Drug Designation
from U.S. FDA for the treatment of Bietti's Crystalline Dystrophy (BCD)

The Inspiration

Reflection Biotechnologies (ReflectionBio®) is a rare disease patient founded and driven biotech company. We focus on developing gene therapy and other novel treatments for rare diseases. Why did we found ReflectionBio® as patient and family and drive rare disease R&D despite extraordinary hardship? There are about 8,000 rare diseases, more than 90% of which have no approved treatment available. Many rare diseases cause premature death or life-long disabilities. We, the Rare Disease Patients, need and can drive orphan drug R&D to help ourselves and others. At ReflectionBio, we apply a “By Patients, For Patients” approach for rare disease patients to combine efforts to actively drive orphan drug development. Let’s combine efforts to fight rare diseases!

Our Focus

Reflection Biotechnologies (ReflectionBio®) focuses on rare, genetic diseases and other challenging diseases which currently have no or few treatment options available. Rare disease patients shoulder the inevitable odds of genetic mutations for mankind, but are often ignored by society and under-supported by public resources. At ReflectionBio®, we aim to develop life-changing, long-lasting and breakthrough gene therapies for patients suffering from these devastating diseases.

Our Patient Origin

ReflectionBio® was founded and is driven by a patient and family suffering from a rare disease. The founders of ReflectionBio® collectively have more than 25 years of experience in science, law, finance, and technology collaboration and management.

Our By Patients, For PatientsTM Approach

With a unique patient origin and background, ReflectionBio® created and applies a By Patients, For PatientsTM approach to accelerate research and development process for the treatment of rare diseases, bring more hope to the patient community, and promote awareness of overlooked diseases in the pharmaceutical industry. Through this By Patients, For PatientsTM approach, patients and families combine efforts and play a more active role in initiating, coordinating, incubating and/or even driving R&D projects to develop treatments for rare diseases and other challenging diseases.

Our Belief

With faith, relentless efforts and the right partners, We, the Patients, can make a difference in driving R&D to help ourselves and others.

Our Technology

ReflectionBio® focuses on developing gene therapy and other novel treatments for diseases that are considered “incurable” today, including rare diseases and other challenging diseases. Gene therapy is a revolutionary technology that can be used to treat many diseases at the root level.
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